You survived your Erasmus in Maribor!

Now it's time for your mugshot: "I survived my Erasmus in Maribor!"

Come to KMŠ and party like its the end of the world with other Erasmus students, take a photo, get a memory.

See you there ;)
Special offer until midnight:
- Red bull vodka, tequila and cuba libre only 1€
- Mini boat vodka (0,5L vodka + 4 red bulls) for 25€
- Mini boat jameson (0,5L jamesona + 1,5L coca cola) for 35€
- 3 x red bull vodka, 3 x cuba libre only 6€

Your ESN Maribor Team

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31/05/2017 - 23:00
Klub KMŠ Maribor
Pristaniška ulica 2
2000 Maribor