Hallo, Hello, Hola, Olà, Szia, Hej, Hi, Salut, Aloha, Ciao! :)

Do you want to learn new langugages? Slovenian? Spanish? German? Maybe Greek? Or Turkish? Why not Finnish? While drinking coffee and just chilling with friends?

If your answer was Yes, you should come to POLYGLOT CAFFE this Thursday at 18:00!
We will teach each other different languages and hangout with friends while doing it. :)

But before the event, we need to know who is interested in teaching. For that, we ask you to fill in this short questionnaire till Wednesday 17. 5. 2017, so that we can organize it.

Hvala in se vidimo! ;)

18/05/2017 - 18:00
Trust kavarna
Gosposvetska cesta 84
2000 Maribor