Dear Comrades and devushkas,
Join us for our First Squat gathering in Our new party headquarters Trust. Any true slav that comes before 01:00 in classy Trenirka gets a free welcome drink!

We are gathering up an Armada to fight against cyka blat sobriety and boredom. There are people among us who doubt our cause to make this the best party in Motherland. And we shall prove those traitors wrong.

In our army we tresaure discipline above all else so to show your allegiance to the Squat you must wear a true Slav Uniform which is Adidas Trenirka and T-shirt and don't forget the bling so we know your rank in the army.


Post a picture of you or your squad squatting in the most crazy places you can think of in the EVENT DISCUSSION. The truest gopnik gruop will be rewarded with a shark-vodka boat.

Remember: Heels touch Ground when Slavs Squat arround.

May the best Slav Win!!

Special Offer!!
Happy Hour till midnight -50% to all HARD liquor

After Midnight:
3x Jameson Cola= 6 €
3x Juice Vodka = 6 €
3x Havana Cola = 6 €
3x Rabbit feet = 6 €
3x Tuston = 6 €
Shark Vodka at hostess is 2 €

Disclaimer: This event has nothing to do with the Slavic event in Ljubljana or their gruop.

06/12/2017 - 23:00
Gosposvetska cesta 84
2000 Maribor