Did you want to join us on an epic discovery of Slovenia but you were too late buying the tickets?
Because many of you were disappointed when you couldn't get the tickets, we have decided to make SLOVENIA TRIP VOLUME 2!!!
The trip will take place from 20.10 to 22.10 (friday to sunday).

We won't be selling the tickets at the office, we are going to open an online form to register for the trip. The form will be open on sunday, 8th of october (we will announce the time on sunday). If you want to go, be fast and register! After everybody registers, we will tell you when you will have to come to the office and pay for the trip!

The route of the trip is the same as with the first trip.

Day 1: Bled area (vintgar gorge, lake bled and the church, rowing the boats on the lake)

Day 2: Postojna cave, the most popular cave in Europe, train ride inside the cave, seeing our specific animal, the human fish

Day 3: Exploring Slovenian coast (Socerb hill, Piran and Portorož)

The prices are the same as before, 110€ with the ESN card and 115€ without the card! EVERYTHING INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!! Transportation, accommodation and food. Besure to join us!

20/10/2017 - 05:00