Shots, Shots and more Shots. Tequila body shots that is!
To make party awesome we will spice you up with tequila body shots!!

How it will work??

• Grab your colleague and bring them to the back of the "dancing floor"
• Pick from a note from the cup, that tells you what body part you have lick the salt from
• Lick the salt
• Drink tequila
• Take the lemon from his/hers mouth!
• Repeat! :D

FREE tequila body shots will start at 23:30! ;)

************************************************************After Midnight:
3x Jameson Cola= 6 €
3x Juice Vodka = 6 €
3x Havana Cola = 6 €
3x Rabbit feet = 6 €
3x Tuston = 6 €
Shark Vodka at hostess is 2 €

Obligatory wardrobe for 1€
************************************************************Your ESN Maribor Team

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18/10/2017 - 22:00
Gosposvetska cesta 84
2000 Maribor