Yee-haw! In front of us is one of the craziest parties ever - KMŠ will turn in to the WILD WILD WEST!

What is going on in the WEST?
• 5$ bills will be hidden around the place
• You can also get money by taking a picture with the wanted poster.
• Who comes dressed in a dress code will get a coupon for a drink for 1 €
• If you will gather 20$ you can get more of these coupons at our banker !!

Dress code: Cowboy style (Jeans, Checkered Shirt, Cowboy Hat and Red Bandana around the neck)

Special offer until midnight:
- Red bull vodka, tequila and cuba libre only 1€
- Mini boat vodka (0,5L vodka + 4 red bulls) for 25€
- Mini boat jameson (0,5L jamesona + 1,5L coca cola) for 35€
- 3 x red bull vodka, 3 x cuba libre only 6€

Your ESN Maribor Team

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25/10/2017 - 22:00
Klub KMŠ Maribor
Pristaniška ulica 2
2000 Maribor