As a student in Slovenia, you are obliged to obtain a residence permit during your stay here. If your application is OK, you will receive a residence permit for the purpose of studying in Slovenia. Students have to apply for a residence permit on-site in Maribor. A residence permit in a Member State for the purpose of studying is mandatory for all foreign students.
Within three days of arriving to Maribor, you need to confirm your residence permit at the Municipality of Maribor, Office for Foreigners.

Your full application MUST HAVE:

  • Application form. *
  • Copy of a valid Identity card or Passport and the original as a proof.
  • Copy of your Acceptance letter and the original (as a proof that you are enrolled in a recognized educational institution).
  • Copy of your European health insurance card (and the original as a proof) or other health insurance policy, but it has to be translated into Slovene language or English language.
  • Declaration of finances. *
  • Confirmation of your EMŠO number - you will receive that at the registration at your faculty
  • Personal photo of 3,5 x 4,5 - a proper photo on a photo paper.
  • Declaration of temporary residence
    • If you are staying in a private accommodation: confirmation from your private accommodation – Signed contract or Declaration of owner. * Print it out from our website or you can get it in our office - the owner of the accommodation/flat, where you are staying, should fill it in and sign it -  as an alternative to that you can also bring a copy of your lease contract;
    • If you are staying in the Student dormitories, they will take care of that (you' ll need a personal photo 3,5 × 4,5 cm).
  • Pay the tax – around 11 € (you pay tax at the office for foreigners).

If you are a resident of the Student dormitories, please notify them about your completed residence permit!
* Downloads at the bottom of the page

Non EU countries

Incoming students who are not EU citizens also need to obtain a residential permit for study purposes prior to their arrival to Slovenia. Students have to submit an Application for the first residence permit at the nearest diplomatic or consular representative office of the Republic of Slovenia. The application should contain the following enclosures:

  • a photocopy of a valid passport; no translation or legal certification is needed if you show them the original document (that is, your passport);
  • an enrolment certificate;
  • a certificate of sufficient means of support during your stay in Slovenia;
  • a certificate of commercial health insurance or a certificate of health insurance

Within three days of arriving in Maribor, you need to confirm your residence permit at the Municipality of Maribor, Office for Foreigners - see the address below.

You have to bring:

  • Copy of your residence permit/visa and the original as a proof
  • Copy of your passport (first page) and the original as a proof
  • Declaration of temporary residence

Address of the Office for Foreigners:

Municipality of Maribor (Mestna občina Maribor),
Office for Foreigners (room 11)
Partizanska 47, 2000 Maribor
Tel: +386 (0) 2 22 01 000